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 Last modified: 13.01.2012
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Research activity

Plasma technologies and plasma chemistry
Research groups of Prof. Dr. Farenik and Dr. Dudin

Low temperature plasma physics
Research group of Prof. Dr. Lisovskiy

Hard nanocomposite coatings
Research group of Prof. Dr. Beresnev

Ultrathin oxynitride films formation by ion beams
Research group of Dr. Styervoyedov

Carbon nanostructures synthesis in arc discharge plasma
Research group of Dr. Udovitskiy and Dr. Kropotov

Scientific instrumentation design
(including instrumentation for plasma physics, meterials science, nuclear physics...)
Groups of Dr. Kropotov, Dr. Styervoyedov and Dr. Dudin

Creation of electronic equipment for scientific and technological applications
(microcontroller based data acquisition, diagnostic and control systems, power electronics, ...)
Research groups of Dr. Styervoyedov and Dr. Dudin


Please note, that new version of our Internet pages are under construction. To learn more about our research activities, don't hesitate to contact research group leaders.